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Dr. Smalley has traveled to several countries around the world preaching, teaching, and operating in her healing and prophetic ministry. Most recently in 2023, Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor of Macedonia Church of the Living God (CLG), Leesburg, Florida, Dr. Smalley is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential by sharing her extensive educational and ministry experiences.


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Dr. Smalley is a highly sought after conference speaker and preacher, teacher, evangelist, healing, and prophetic ministry, as well as a leadership training consultant (spiritual and secular topics). Her seminars and courses are informative, comprehensive, and motivational.


Dr. Smalley Author

Dr. Smalley is a Passion Strategist who explains how we can become attached to many things, but God alone must be the object of our devotion, adoration, and passion. If we want to transform our lives, then find something we are passionate about and make it work for us.  We must be willing to form our passion without all the answers, but obey and trust God to enlighten us at appropriate times.  When we give it all up, walk away and embrace our God-given passion, we will experience a great return on your investment.


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