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$300 for Course

$100 Consulting

A Zoom course using a book study method on how churches can work proactively, to prepare the next generation to lead within and across the ministry. This goes beyond just having a plan for who will be the next Pastor, in the event that there is vacancy.

Audience: Pastors and Executive Leaders

Starting Soon

Once a month on Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Cost: $300 

Optional: Personal 1 Hour Consultation Review of participant's Succession Plan $100

Training and Consultant 

Dr. Smalley will offer a variety of services and training, both secular and spiritual, with a focus on the total person.  She has previously provided leadership training for 700 managers and supervised training for 6,800 non-instructional personnel in a large public school system.  During her other educational work experiences, both administrative and teaching, she conducted workshops and seminars on many topics. Leadership training courses will be offered periodically.


Let the enthusiasm of someone who gave up all, inspire you to put into action your lifetime goal. Dr. Smalley's experience is taught in a way that will motivate you to move forward with your dream with excitement and passion without  regrets. 

Passing the Mantel

This course addresses consideration for a succession plan and the guidelines that should be contextualized for appropriate settings.  Learn how to preserve the legacy of your church through this informative and comprehensive course.  Dr. Smalley has had the rich experience of growing up in the church that was founded by her great-aunt, which was then succeeded by her mother who passed it on to her.  How it was done with integrity and spirituality is the substance of this course.  Pastors and Executive Leaders should attend.


The purpose of this course is to facilitate you building a vision, mission, and purpose for a group, team, or congregation that you lead or with whom you work. You will experience speaking your vision in a way that enrolls and inspires others. Also, you will explore how your own attitudes and behaviors might get in the way of realizing your vision. 


Who said preparing a sermon had to be hard and labor intensive?
Are you tired of spending countless hours preparing your weekly messages?
Do you want more time to spend with family and friends over the weekends?
Do you have one zillion other things to do, but you must have a weekly sermon ready for your congregation? LOOK NO FURTHER!


​This Preaching Made Easy Course leverages your TIME and ENERGY in sermon preparation.  If you are ready to gain the knowledge you need to maximize your time in sermon development, Elder Shelia Y. Smalley, Ph.D., your Preaching Coach, is ready to show you how to do it!


Components and Pricing for Preaching Made Easy Course:

  • 6-week Contractual Agreement

  • 1 (1 hour) Private Jump-Start Session with Preaching Coach ($250 Value)

  • 6 (2 hour) Weekly Group Zoom Video Sessions ($3,000 Value)

  • 6 (1 hour) Group Q and A Calls ($1,500 Value)

  • Email Assignments ($1,500 Value)

  • 2 (15 minutes) Private Calls with Preaching Coach ($125 Value)

  • Bonus: 6 Sermons from Smalley’s Sermon Outlines (Invaluable)

  • $1,800 One Payment

  • $300 Weekly for 6 Weeks

  • Only 15 Spaces Available – No Refunds Given


The purpose of this training is to help parents rediscover their leadership skills.  The goal is to assist parents in becoming more involved in their children’s education and lives.  Parents are expected to attend six sessions to graduate from the training.

This training will focus on what leadership is, why parental Involvement is important, how to set goals, action plan, make decisions, communicate effectively, how schools work, and more.


 You may feel like you are isolated simply because there are not as many other women around you in your position. Therefore, you feel like you have no one who understands your challenges and struggles to be successful in your role.  This seminar will address those issues and offer some solutions.

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